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Meet Sam

I’m Sam Peterson. I live in the Town of Edenly but not by choice. I’d give anything to get out of this boring town. It’s not like I fit in here. I’m not one of them – those followers of Zerach. And they know it too. You see, we wear our alliances on our skin, and my arms are bare. That’s fine by me. I have no desire to be like everyone else. I’ve got something in the works that’s even better. But I can’t tell anyone. It’s a matter of life or death. That may sound cliche, but it’s the truth. The guys I’m working with would think nothing of breaking my neck, and I kinda like my neck the way it is.

Delaney is part of my plan but she just doesn’t know it. Man, Delaney is hot. I know I shouldn’t think so. Falling for her would completely ruin everything. But there’s just something about her, you know?

She’s different than I expected.

She has a way of getting under my skin, despite my best efforts to keep her at a distance….





Picture – Jeremy Sumpter


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