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Meet Delaney

I’m Delaney Scott. I was born in the Town of Edenly and I’ve lived here my whole life. My best friend Micah lives next door. I didn’t realize until I was eight years old that Micah and I share more than the same neigborhood. We’re both Ekloge Warriors. We have special powers that one day we will use to save our people. There are others – eight more to be exact – but we’ve never met them. I think the happiest day of Micah’s life was the day his gift manifested.

It was my worst. I never asked for this life. I just want to be a normal sixteen year old. I want to go to parties, hang with friends, maybe even have a boyfriend. Speaking of which, there is boy I’m interested in. His name is Sam Peterson. He’s kind of rough around the edges and I’ve been warned to stay away from him. He’s not one of us. He doesn’t have our markings. But I can’t help it.

I like him.

And I think he likes me too….


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