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Meet Ariel

I’m Ariel Starling. My brother Asa and I are Ekloge Warriors. Up until recently Asa was the only other Warrior I knew. But then I got mixed up in something I shouldn’t have and was almost killed. If it weren’t for Delaney and Micah rescuing me I’m pretty sure I would have died. Only now I’m stuck living with Delaney and I’m practically under house arrest. Everyone says it’s for my own protection, but whatever the reason it totally sucks. The only silver lining is Micah.  With him things don’t seem so bleak. He’s kind, fun to be around and smokin’ hot. Sometimes it even seems like he’s starting to fall for me. However, it’s obvious that he’s completely into Delaney. Not that it matters. Once he finds out my secret, he’ll want nothing to do with me anyway.  None of the Warriors will.

That’s why I have to be sure no one ever finds out…

Picture of Amanda Seyfried, actress


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